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Holly returned to being a Nursery Nurse after her children grew up.


She turned to Kinesiology after not feeling fulfilled and meeting Simon who opened her mind to Alternative Therapies.

She loves helping people overcome their conditions  or illnesses using her own life experiences to be a better Kinesiologist and helping clients achieve the results they want.

Although Holly deals with all conditions she has a particular interest in food intolerances, IBS and Candida.


Contact: 07967603154


Simon originally studied law and worked as a Commercial Property Solicitor in London.

Feeling unfulfilled and having had experience of Kinesiology to overcome his own chronic condition he retrained as a Kinesiologist.

He has since trained as a Nutritionalist and Homeopath which he uses as part of his treatment.

Although Simon treats all conditions he has a particular interest in dealing with emotional issues and their complications.

Contact: 07957955772

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